(go/v4-alpha) Move go/v4 plugin from alpha to stable

The transition from Golang v2 and v3 plugins to the new Golang v4 plugin introduces significant changes. To gain insights into the reasoning behind these changes, you can refer to the explanation provided at https://book.kubebuilder.io/migration/v3vsv4#tldr-of-the-new-gov4-plugin.

For a comprehensive understanding of the migration process to the v4 plugin format, the Kubebuilder documentation outlines the necessary steps. Detailed instructions can be found at https://book.kubebuilder.io/migration/manually_migration_guide_gov3_to_gov4.

This migration is designed to enhance your project’s functionality and compatibility, reflecting the evolving landscape of Golang development.

See #6613 for more details.

(kustomize/v2-alpha) Move kustomize/v2 plugin from alpha to stable

For more information on the kustomize/v2 plugin, please refer to the documentation at https://book.kubebuilder.io/plugins/kustomize-v2

See #6613 for more details.

Last modified December 18, 2023: Release v1.33.0 (#6642) (54296681)